Watertreatment and ecologic situation in UK

Nowadays the ecology is at the heart of the preoccupations of the world. The different countries always propose news solutions to grow in the respect of the environment. The Europe is particularly concerned by the cause of the environment, and the United Kingdom especially. And one of the basic topics is about water treatment. Let's take stock of the situation in the United Kingdom.

The ecological situation in the United Kingdom

Considered as a pionner regarding the industrial revolution, the United Kingdom is also considered as one of the biggest polluters of the world. By the bye, England's capital London have been one of the most polluted cities for a long time, because of the famous smog. But the country seems to be more and more awareness and grants a great attention to the preservation of the environment. It involves particularly treatment and recycling of soiled waters, which enables a million liters saving a year. Today there are a lot of water treatment plants in the United Kingdom.

How water is treated

Firstly the soiled waters are sifted with a big sieve to filter the biggest fragments and limestone crystals. Then they are the subject of a first treament with chlorine, to remove the poisinous organic waste as iron or ammonia. They are sent in a big decantation bowl, to enable the sedimentation of the most little waste. Then they are sieved once again with a thiner sieve, to be sure of remove all the dirt. It is also possible to clean the water one last time with chlorine and improve the water hardness, even if this last step is not compulsory. Thanks to this treatment method, the soiled waters can be endlessly used and the tap water can become drinkable. This is the guarantee of saving a lot of money and preserve the environment.

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