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Did you that 80% of wastewater produced is dischared into the environment untreated ?

Every year, the demand for water continues to grow and the number of people on the planet is growing. In addition to this significant population growth, there are also changes in food consumption patterns or increased energy requirements. But the use of water is not the only problem on the planet. The discharge of wastewater is also a concern that has not yet been resolved.

Consequences of wastewater discharge into the environment

Once released into the environment, wastewater destroys everything in their path. They degrade soil quality and eliminate the different nutrients that make the land arable. They also pollute the waters like rivers and rivers. But the worst is that they can kill all the living beings present in these environments. Animals, plants, whether on land or in the waters and oceans where they will be dumped. In addition, they pollute the air and the atmosphere. Despite the high presence of chemicals in wastewater, they can lead to biological disturbances that result in disturbances in the reproduction, growth or immune system of any living being. They can also cause climatic problems.

Measures to Avoid Wastewater Damage

As limiting the use of water is almost impossible, it is better to take rather rational measures compared to the situation such as taking into account the treatment of wastewater. This alternative does not only concern wastewater that will be reused but also those that will be permanently discarded in nature. This measure is even mandatory in several countries of the world such as the European countries namely France, Belgium, Italy or countries on the North American continent such as the United States and Canada. However, in other countries, laws and regulations are rather corrupt as in the underdeveloped countries of Africa or Asia. Wastewater users can then dispose of them without treatment in the wild. However, wastewater represents a danger to the planet and its inhabitants that the responsible authorities must be alarmed.


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