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The effect of two types of sludge from sewage treatment

Sewage sludge, whether urban or industrial, is often the result of wastewater treatment. Both have their active effects in different fields.

Use on plantations

Due to the treatment of waste water, the types of sludge result. The resulting consequences include urban and industrial sludge, which may be in the form of liquid or dry sludge. As evidenced recently, these have apparently had positive effects on the increase in yields produced on agriculture. Indeed, the various elements that constitute them are favorable for planting, mostly corn, chilli, potato and even sorghum. Sludge, after treatment, can be reused as organic fertilizer. Because they contain substances that can be beneficial to the soil, they can fertilize and produce all materials that stimulate biological activity. It can also be used as manure or compost because of spreading, which could improve the quality of food products, so the farmer can benefit from it and increase his cultivation.

Effect in everyday life

Whether in the agronomic sector, sludge also has valuable effects on the soil. As stated above, there are certain inputs that they can promote on the ground and then improve. Fertility, durability, a direct benefit for those who have a problem with soil pollution. Adding with green materials, it can be used in other circumstances such as building a house, creating a plantation space, and so on. You can recycle them and get some interest to improve something to suit your needs. As these practices are known to many, they can be used as income regenerators. Indeed, people sell treated sludge, whether urban or industrial, knowing what they can bring (in order to improve yield or to improve the quality of the soil). It is much more advisable to recycle them, it is more economical and it adds more affordable results on the environmental problems currently encountered.


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