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Why and how treated wastewater can be reused in industry

Liquid effluent or wastewater is polluted water. They are composed of all the waters likely to be infected by chemical, physical or biological pollutants, and the environment into which they are discharged. Formed by the by-product of a human use, they are not necessarily to throw away. They can be reused in the industry. However, they must first be processed. In any case, they should be treated even before rejection in the wild in order not to damage the latter.

Re-use essential despite industrial consumption

The world of industry represents a major consumer of water. Although the industry requires a significant amount of water, it is not always consumed. Some areas, such as hydroelectric power stations, for example, use only the energy obtained from water. The nuclear industry uses water as a cooling element. There is therefore no real consumption. It is the processing industries that consume water. Among them, there are agro-food companies, pharmaceutical companies, craft enterprises, and many more. These are water-consuming consumers. To meet their needs, the reuse of wastewater takes on a whole new meaning. This avoids waste and gives new life and utility to the wastewater.

The amount of water required in industry

The water consumed in the industrial world of each country of the world varies greatly. Several parameters define this fact and the level of development of the nation in question is there for something. Some countries such as Mexico and India use more than 90% of the water for irrigation in order to ensure agriculture. These waters may come from treated wastewater or wastewater. They can also come from natural sources such as rivers, lakes or rivers that are available. In the more advanced and industrialized countries, the industrial revolution only increased their water consumption. For the hexagon in particular, this consumption is multiplied by 20 between the years 1900 and 1975. It is now almost the same as the consumption of agricultural water. Not all industries have the same uses of treated wastewater. Some use it for processing, others for cooling or for energy.


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