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Different techniques to treat water

To treat the water so that it becomes potable again, one needs to apply several techniques. Their implementation can be synchronous or successive depending on the level of pollution. They may also be mechanical, chemical, biological or physical. The goal is to have, at the end, drinking water that is compatible with the needs of consumers but also a clean product that does not pollute the environment.

Simple techniques

To have a "drinking water" at home, one can make a filtration on fabric. This method consists of removing the main solid impurities from the water. It also excludes larvae and insects that may be found in water. Although it is easy, this technique does not allow to treat the water if it is contaminated at the origin. The method of the three receptacles may also be considered. It can be used in addition to the first technique. Easy to do, it requires a lot of patience and does not ensure a complete disinfection of the water. It is also possible to carry out a boiling treatment. With this method, all germs and microorganisms in the water are killed. But the water must still be pre-filtered. The only drawbacks to this technique is the rather bland taste of the resulting water and the amount of energy it may require to boil the water.

More complex techniques

Other techniques require the use of chemicals or other elements to get water ready for drinking water. Chlorination treatment is one. It requires a good mastery of the quantity of products used such as bleach or chlorine pellets. There is also treatment by sand filtration or by ceramic filter. We can also consider the Sodis method, the Lifestraw method or "Filter straw" or the Solvatten process to filter water. Finally, the water can be purified by the generation of ultraviolet rays. All these techniques are effective but require special knowledge and perfect mastery in order to preserve the quality of the water. However, they make it possible to treat a large quantity of water.

Water treatment in UK

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